I cannot begin to express what you are doing for people. You touch so many people's lives, and you all have made a huge impact on me and on my training, both for myself and my clients. I have started having much more FUN with my clients' training sessions, playing games, letting them pick body parts to work, etc., and just making the workout sessions much more "playful."

I can't thank you all enough for opening your gyms, minds and hearts to give us knowledge, experiences, memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

~ Naomi

I can't believe I have been missing out on so many amazing years of Phat Camps, but now that I have had this wonderful weekend which was truly a life changing experience I look forward to many years of Phat Camps ahead.  My goal is to continue to inspire the people around me and help them like you all helped and inspired every single woman at camp this past weekend. I want to help others realize that they too can reach their goals, anyone can. It was so wonderful to get to know each and every one of you this weekend, I look forward to many more Phat Camp experiences!


My mom and I had the best time at #Phatcamp. It was amazing to see all the firsts Mom tried and seriously I can't wait to get back into my home gym and practice everything!!!! Thanks Nicole Wilkins and Maureen Ashley. We love you guys!


I had an incredible weekend with some amazing women at PHAT Camp in Columbus! Never have I pushed my self so hard physically and have discovered what I am capable of. Every single woman gave it their all and best yet we worked as a team. Absolutely incredible!!! 


Get out there and try PHAT CAMP!! You won't be disappointed! This was such a great opportunity to learn new techniques and work on my own personal goals.  I'm so lucky to have had the chance to learn from the masters!! Besides being brilliant, they are the sweetest, fun, genuinely nice women you will ever meet. The past 2.5 days were filled with challenges and triumphs. Most rewarding was meeting so many kind hearted caring new friends.


Phat Camp is very high intensity workouts which I absolutely loved. Also it is stressed how important it is to be fit as well as a good person. I loved meeting all of the awesome people and trainers and will Def do it again! Thanks!


Thank you Nicole and Maureen for the AMAZING weekend!!! I loved every second of Phat Camp and learned so much!! You guys are beautiful women with beautiful hearts as well!!! THANK YOU!!!


Thank you so much for an awesome weekend. My motivation has been kicked up a gear and I'm ready to hit the gym hard x 


Thank you for an amazing weekend of inspiration, sweat, education, more sweat and tons of fun!!!
Had an amazing time. So glad for the best experience of my life.


Oh my goodness! I honestly had the most amazing time. I truly got to meet my "superhero" this weekend, and got to do it with my best friend at that. I am so blessed to have been given so much knowledge.  Thank you Nicole and Maureen for such an amazing weekend. Can't wait to see you soon!!


So much fun!! I learned so much mentally and physically from the incredible Nicole Wilkins!! I met such an amazing group of girls!! I'm def going back next year.. Worth every minute! 


So excited for another uber inspiring and memorable weekend!! Bring lots of gym swag too!! Love the Phat Camp store too!